I Solisti del Ridotto

Youth Orchestra
Orchestral Workshop

The Solisti del Ridotto is a Youth Chamber Orchestra composed of the best students of the Accademia del Ridotto and other internationally selected young musicians.
The members of the orchestra will follow a two-year training course, getting a Diploma and gaining experience both in Instrumental / Symphonic field and in the Opera field. This training program includes lessons and rehearsals, concerts, opera events / performances, meetings with conductors, singers and instrumentalists, who can also perform as soloists and / or members of the orchestra alongside the students.
The Accademia del Ridotto will provide scholarships for the candidates who get the higher scores at the audition.
Members of the orchestra will also receive a reimbursement of expenses for any concert and opera event / performance in excess of the abovementioned minimum number.

Students will have to play in the Solisti del Ridotto Orchestra a minimum number of days, as indicated below, except for different organizational requirements and / or exemption granted by the direction of the Accademia del Ridotto:
– n. min. rehearsals and lessons during each academic year = 15
– n. min. concerts and opera events / performances during each academic year = 5

Beginning of lessons: February/March, 2019

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Program and Dates

The “Solisti del Ridotto” Youth Orchestra announces auditions for the following positions: Violin I – Violin II – Viola – Cello – Double Bass – Flute (Piccolo optional) – Oboe (English Horn optional) – Clarinet (Bass Clarinet optional) – Bassoon – Horn – Trumpet (piccolo trumpet optional) – Timpani / Orchestral Percussion – Harp.

The candidates will be asked to play, at the discretion of the Commission:
a) one or more orchestral excerpts, chosen from the ones downloadable from this link;
b) one composition or fragment of composition, chosen by the candidate, for solo instrument or for his/her instrument and piano or for his/her instrument and orchestra in piano reduction.

The auditions will be held at the Accademia del Ridotto Headquarters (Teatro Sociale di Stradella – Vicolo Faravelli, 2 – 27049 Stradella PV – Italy) on Saturday, January 12th, according to a calendar drawn up by the organization and communicated by e-mail to the candidates.
The Organization reserves the right to schedule additional auditions.

Candidates who need an accompanist must come with their own pianist.


Participation in the auditions is free of charges. They are open to instrumentalists of any gender and nationality, without age limits. With the same eligibility requirements, priority will be given candidates under 35.

All interested instrumentalists must apply online by Tuesday, January 8th by clicking here:

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