Accademia del Ridotto

The Accademia del Ridotto will make three types of study grants available to students:
– Subsidies for low income students
– Study grants to reduce registration, subscription and/or course fee
– Study grants to improve the professional activities in Italy and abroad (i.e. partial reimbursement of travel and board costs when participating in international music contests; extra appearance fees in case of concerts for important music institutions etc.)

Applying for a Scholarship

The objective of our Scholarships and Financial Support Programs is to help students with strong potential for academic success to pursue higher education that would not be possible otherwise. Students interested in being considered for the Accademia del Ridotto’s Scholarships must apply for admission by submitting all documents proving their low income.
Consistent with the available budget and other constraints, scholarships will be granted to students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Evidence of financial need
  • Talent, motivation, adequate preparation and exemplary character
  • Significant results in studies
  • Awards in Music Competitions, auditions etc.
  • Availability for concerts and collaboration in the activities of the Academy